Fabienne Lhostis Raku Ceramics
  • Table raku in ecru Raku Fabienne L’Hostis
  • Table ceramic Raku by Fabienne L’Hostis
  • tiles Table  Raku  Fabienne L’Hostis
  • elegant ecru Raku top by  Fabienne L’Hostis
  • Table tile Raku  Fabienne L’Hostis

"Cookie" Raku Table

The Raku table from the "Wave" collection is a collaboration between the architectural firm Uchronia and the studio Fabienne L'Hostis.
This splendid piece features an elegant ecru Raku top (B-ecru) punctuated by three playful brown circles reminiscent of a cookie shape. The Cookie table was designed for the restaurant and bookstore of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.


Top in ecru Raku (available in different colors). Legs pictured here in walnut.

Diameter 110 cm - height 40 cm

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