Fabienne Lhostis Raku Ceramics
  • Décoration en carrelage Raku Fabienne L’Hostis
  • Design en Raku Fabienne L’Hostis
  • Tuiles en Raku gris Fabienne L’Hostis
  • carrelage en Raku Fabienne L’Hostis pour le restaurant Akrame
  • carrelage en Raku Fabienne L’Hostis
  • carrelage en Raku Fabienne L’Hostis pour les tables
  • carrelage en Raku Fabienne L’Hostis sur les tables

"Restaurant : Akrame"

The working island of the starred restaurant Akrame in Paris's 8th arrondissement is inspired form one of the chef's favorite product : the oyster. 

Made of a hundred ceramic scales, each unique in size and shape, they fit the organic shape of the working island. They all are fitted together without joints and blend one into another to create the desired natural effect. 

Tailored based on a design of the design agency, Volume ABC, it is constituted of a succession of waves of different shades of grey and blacks. 

This work on the colors Cendre B2, B5, B8 and Noir B2, B5, is paired with a play on cracks, with a vertical gradient from almost no cracks to very cracked tiles at the bottom. This double play on colors and cracks make this atypical working island a furniture of exception in the decoration of the restaurant. 


Length 3.61m x Width 1.60m x Height 0.91m  - www.akrame.com 7, Rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris

Architect Volume ABC - www.volumeabc.fr

Photo credit : Akrame Benallal - Valérie Guedes